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Companies usually struggle with either too much or too little data on vulnerabilities

Use cases

  1. Stay on top of your cyber security: Use Autobahn as a vulnerability scanner to check your Internet exposed IPs and your internal IPs for vulnerabilities
  2. Streamline capabilities: Autobahn allows you to integrate all of your scan data (from other tools or manual tests) into the platform for easy assignment to relevant personnel
  3. Concise Reporting: Save time as Autobahn creates the prioritized reports, clustering all your issues into easy-to-digest remediation packages

How it works

  1. First, your vulnerability scanner or Autobahn scans your assets for vulnerabilities
  2. Next, Autobahn assesses each vulnerability and assigns a Hackability Score based on potential impact
  3. Then, Autobahn integrates all vulnerabilities discovered by other scanning tools like Qualys and Nessus Pro, ensuring you have all data in one place
  4. Finally, we cluster all vulnerabilities into Cyber Fitness workouts, and prioritize them based on impact on your company. Read more about it here

Frequently asked questions

What can Autobahn scan?

Autobahn scans IT security infrastructure like custom web apps, operating systems, off-the-shelf software, hardware and some technologies specific to telecommunication companies. More information on our scanning scope is available in the scanning dashboard.

Can Autobahn integrate with other vulnerability scanning tools?

Yes, we currently have an integration with Qualys and are working on incorporating Nessus Pro, Rapid7, and more shortly.

What if Autobahn detects a risk that is acceptable for me?

If you deem the risk as acceptable, you can mark the vulnerability as “risk-accepted” and it will no longer affect your Hackability Score.

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