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Do you know what hackers can reach from the Internet? Find out with Autobahn

50% of the security risks that organizations face occur because they do not know what is exposed to external attackers

Use cases

  1. Find assets (domains and IPs) connected to your company that you were not aware of as being exposed to the Internet
  2. Verify your asset inventory
  3. Get notified when new assets and ports show up

How it works

  1. Autobahn queries internal databases based on your top-level domain
  2. Once done you review the results and add other domains or IPs where necessary
  3. Connect cloud providers like AWS to automatically update the scope
  4. That’s it! During the vulnerability scan Autobahn will also discover your subdomains

Frequently asked questions

How does Autobahn discover my assets?

Autobahn uses a variety of data sources to effectively map your company's Internet footprint. We use DNS scanning, internet scanning, subdomain generation through brute forcing, WHOIS and TLS/SSL scanning.

Do you also include cloud assets?

We currently have an integration with AWS and will soon be able to provide scanning for assets managed by other cloud services.


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