Check from Jira if you are vulnerable to certain CVE's

Jira Integration

From Jira you can check if you are vulnerable to specific CVE's by just creating a Jira issue. Please set up your Jira integration as explained in Chapter 1 and Chapter 4 of this document to enable this feature. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and reach out to us at

1 - Navigate to your Jira Project that you linked to Autobahn and click on Create

2 - In the form that is shown, you are required to fill the Summary using the CVE that you are informing about, for example CVE-2021-30158, as well as add the label Autobahn and CVE, and click on Create

3 - You are all done! Autobahn will automatically add vulnerable targets and their banner as a comment to the ticket you just created