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Our customers reduce their Hackability by 30% within the first three months working with Autobahn Security.

Most security tools are made for security experts, and require manual set-up, making them complicated to use

Use cases

  1. No set-up required, Autobahn works out of the box
  2. Get detailed Cyber Fitness workouts that all of your IT staff can work with. These clearly highlight how to remediate multiple vulnerabilities in one go.
  3. These Cyber Fitness workouts are prioritized, helping you solve your weakest links right from the start

How it works

  1. Autobahn assigns each vulnerability a Hackability rating
  2. Workouts are divided based on time and effort required, allowing your team to schedule resources during the Cyber Fitness journey
  3. These easy-to-follow workouts can be directly sent to Jira, or other ticketing services, where you can assign the right people to work on the ticket
  4. Once remediated, at the click of a button we rescan the affected hosts to make sure the issues are resolved

Frequently asked questions

How can Autobahn help me remediate security issues?

Autobahn provides actionable, stack-ranked, and clustered issues as well as tactical and strategic advice for remediation. This allows for prioritization of the highest risk vulnerabilities as well as efficient resource allocation.

How is our Cyber Fitness approach different from traditional vulnerability management?

We focus on remediation guidance to mitigate multiple vulnerabilities in one-go, instead of fixing vulnerabilities one by one.

Like going to the gym, cybersecurity is something that you should work on every day. The Autobahn platform creates a Cyber Fitness journey for you, that you can follow with whatever pace you want.

I already have a scanner. Why would I use Autobahn?

Autobahn allows you to aggregate all your data from existing scanning tools into one centralized dashboard.

Once there, Autobahn takes out duplicates and irrelevant findings, and assigns a Hackability Score to the vulnerabilities that really matter.

Finally, vulnerabilities are clustered into easy-to-follow Cyber Fitness workouts that enable every IT member to support your company's remediation efforts.

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